-Robyn S.

After my second child, I found myself working a full time job and a part time position, balancing the jungle of the city, and the challenges of a full time wife and mother as well. I had lost myself in the process and had lost the picture of the person I was. There was no balance in my life and it had spilled over into my health. Something in my life needed to change. Alexi utilized evidence, knowledge, and planning to get my nutrition back on track. She took her time to meet with me, analyze my eating habits, and formulate a plan of improvement. She helped me to drastically eliminate sugar, which was what I was using as a stress reliever at the time. We found substitutions and replacements for my desired treats, and surprisingly I felt so much better! Alexi took the time to educate me, plan for potential roadblocks, and motivate me throughout my struggles along the way. Alexi followed me closely, reviewing diet logs, exercise journals, and even taking me to the market to learn how to shop in a more conscious manner. She introduced me to the practice of yoga, and made me feel more comfortable in that journey as well. My intent was not to get to a certain weight or number; that was purely just a side effect of mindful nutrition. Today, I feel more confident in being able to balance life, kids, family, and work. I have found inspiration in the journey and look forward to a long, healthy future. 

Thank you Alexi, you are a true professional.

-Sean M. 

About 10 months before my wedding I came to the sobering realization that if I did not start making changes, I would not like the way I looked on my wedding day. I had heard about Alexi's services through a friend and became interested because of the holistic nature in which she helps people to reach their health goals. There was no one focus on cutting calories, eliminating things you like to eat, or working out every single day. On the contrary, her plan is about variety, careful selection of the best food, and a commitment to a realistic and challenging exercise routine.  My favorite part of Alexi's services was her enduring encouragement and constant check ins; they keep you honest and on track because she really cares. She wants you to succeed, and the time she puts in is apparent in her painstaking effort to customize food plans that will excite you and provide a sustainable solution to your long-term health.

Over the course of 10 months of working with Alexi I dropped 25lbs and went from a 36 to a 33 inch waste (exactly the goal we had set out together at the beginning). I felt proud that not only did I achieve the goal, I believe that I felt and looked my best for my wedding day.

-Rachel B.

As I sit here sipping hot cocoa in the sudden cold snap, I'm thinking about how much Alexi would applaud it; not only because it would have been extremely scary to me at this time last year, but also because it is intuitive and nourishing--two words that, to me, encompass Alexi's compassionate, knowledgable, and person-centric style. I originally wanted to work with Alexi because I had taken her yoga classes while working with another nutritionist, and I found myself drawn to the positive energy and individualized attention she provided during class. At the time, I was dealing with a relapse of anorexia I hadn't faced since college, and the nutritionist I was working with just wasn't the right fit. For anyone who has dealt with this illness, you know that it is so much more than the food itself. Alexi understands that on a fundamental level, and she encourages all kinds of expansive and highly personalized work that gets closer to the root of the issues-- utilizing different tools and different angles, exploring it with everything from journaling to meditation. 

There are many bright and sunny yoga teachers, and an ever-increasing number who offer some form of nutrition practice. What sets Alexi apart is her rigorous academic knowledge of nutrition, along with her resolutely non-judgmental style. One particularly powerful part of working with Alexi is her seamless integration of yogic and meditation techniques with nutrition. Nothing is off-limits, and she has helped me to start more deeply accepting a holistic view of nutrition. Alexi holds a safe space, and I have always felt that I had permission with her to feel however I was feeling. Alexi takes her work seriously, but she reminds me that that doesn't mean we have to take the world so seriously or that it has to be perfect. 

She demonstrates a special and clearly communicated commitment and genuine desire for her clients to live happier, healthier lives--and, in my case, to live more freely and intuitively. I have improved so much working with Alexi; more than anything, in my relationship with food and with myself. I am truly grateful to have found her and to have had the opportunity to work with her.

-Monica V.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 26, I wanted to radically change my diet. I knew I needed advice from a trusted professional with whom I could talk to, so I decided to seek help from Satya Health. Throughout the whole process, Alexi was friendly, professional, and completely knowledgable about not only the food I should be nourishing my body with, but the exact portions and servings that fit my body and my needs. She heard my concerns and wishes but was also realistic about what my body needed and was careful not to shock my body and mind into making changes too quickly. Her service is fully customizable and tailored to the unique individual. It's obvious she cares about her clients - she never tried to push me to eat things that weren't appetizing for me; instead she worked with me to find meals and snacks that were healthy and appealing! She always checked in with me about how I was feeling and if I was undergoing any unwanted weight changes.

I worked with Alexi at the height of my chemotherapy treatments and was able to keep my ideal body weight the entire time. She really pays attention to the whole body and was able to suggest nutrition and exercise through yoga to help my body through a very tough time. I highly recommend her as both a yoga teacher and a nutritionist. In fact, I always suggest her when people seek any type of health advice!